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I look at you and I am convinced of one thing: that you once had something – some treasure, some symmetry, some key – but you have lost it. Every moment, asleep or awake, you are always busy looking for something. It is quite possible you do not know exactly what you are searching for and that you are unaware of what you have lost, but I see the hunger in your eyes. It is apparent in every beat of your heart.

This quest has been going on for countless lives. Sometimes you call it the search for truth… sometimes you call it the search for God. You go search to the temples, to the churches, to the priests.. you knock on every door you come across in the hope you will find what you have lost. But as long as you do not know exactly what it is you have lost, your search cannot be fulfilled. Before you set out in search you should know what it is you are looking for, what it is you have lost. If an illness is incorrectly diagnosed how can you know the right medicine to take?

You think “Ah yes, this is what I have lost. It is God I have lost. It is freedom I have lost”. Then you set out our search. And it is wrong from the very beginning.

As I talk to you, I look into your hearts and I see that the throne within you is unoccupied. The throne is there, and someone must have sat on it at one time or another, but at present he is away, he is wandering somewhere else. Your heart is that throne; the king, One Love, has left it behind and has gone off roaming in some far off place.

The search for Love is possible; every child is born with Love. Before you can search for something you have to lose it, and although every child is born with Love it gets lost along the way, somewhere in the course of his upbringing. Education, society and culture play important roles in this process… you begin to lose Love as you become more and more attached to material things.

The beauty of a child has nothing to do with his physical body, it comes from some inner strength. Within him, the lamp of Love burns brightly and it rays from every pore of his body, spreading all around. But as he grows he begins to lose this Love. And we help in that process.

We do not teach him how to love, we teach him how to guard himself against it, how to be wary of it. We tell him that Love is very risky, very dangerous. We teach him to be suspicious, to be full of doubt. We tell him it is necessary to be like this, that people will take advantage of him otherwise. We tell him there is much cheating, dishonesty and treachery in the world, that it is everywhere, and that unless he is on guard people will rob and cheat him. We tell him there are thieves everywhere. We are totally unaware of the fact that God is everywhere, yet we never forget that robbers abound. And so we train children to be on their guard against thieves.

If you want to prepare children in this way, you cannot teach them Love – because Love is dangerous. As a child grows he becomes involved in protecting himself – with money, with a house, with all sorts of things. He makes every possible arrangement to secure himself from attack, no matter from which quarter it might come. But in the midst of all these arrangements we forget that we are closing all our doors, that we are even barring the entry of Love. Our protection may now be complete, but it is the same security as that of the grave.

We are all in the process of dying, and the degree to which we step up measures for our security is in direct proportion to the progress we make in digging our own graves. The reason you look so lifeless is because you have made so many arrangements for your safety.

To be insecure is to be alive. Life is to live in insecurity. And, of course, living like this, there is no safety. A stone is safe and a flower lives in danger – but a stone is dead and the flower is full of life! If a storm comes, the flower will fall but the stone will remain where it was. When the sun sets in the evening, the flower will wither, but the stone will remain unaffected, will remain in its place. Would you prefer to be a stone simply because it is safe from such dangers? This is the condition you have chosen! You have become like stones. The flower is always in jeopardy. Love is a flower. And there is no greater flower, no more important flower in this world than Love. There is also nothing that is in greater danger.

Love is life. Love means that your doors are open, that you are standing beneath the open sky. Love means trust, love means accepting. Love is the ability to experience things. Love is sensitivity. Love is the experience in which all your impurities are washed away and you throw open all your doors, all your gates. Then whoever stands at your door is no longer an enemy, or a friend, but a beloved – and you open your door to him.

Love is Gods representative in this world. Love is the symbol of God in the world, and the nature of One Love is like the nature of God. God will never be completed. If He were to become complete, our world and our universe would be finished. Gods perfection is like a very subtle imperfection. The Upanishads say that even if you remove the perfect from that perfection He will still remain perfect, and if you add the perfect to that perfection even then He will be the same as He was before. He is what He is. With Him, neither increase nor decrease is possible. And the same is true of Love. One Love will be the very same in the end as it was in the beginning.

In the beginning, in the first meeting between lovers, there are two and one-half, but finally the two disappear and only Love remains. The lover feels that he is lost, that only the other exists; the beloved feels she is lost, that only her lover is – but in fact both are lost, and only Love remains.

If you let a drop of water fall into the ocean it will maintain its own identity only as long as it does not actually touch the ocean. It may only be for a very short distance, but the drop still exists as it falls. There is the ocean and there is the drop. This is exactly what is meant by two letters and a half in Love – the drop, the ocean and the fall. The drop is on its way but it is still the drop. It still has its own identity; there is still a short distance between the two. That distance is filled with Love, filled with attraction. The drop is in the act of falling, but the meeting has not yet taken place. No sooner does the meeting take place than the two are one. Then, there is no longer the ocean and the drop. Then the drop will be the ocean, and the ocean will be the drop.

Love is the nature of your soul. It is not something you amass on the outside and then distribute to others. Just as heat is the nature of the fire and freshness is the nature of water, One Love is the nature of the soul.

The heart is wild, like a jungle. Intelligence is polished, refined by society, but the heart is a jungle – uncultured, uncivilized. It is like the wild animals, like the trees, like the clouds in the sky. But the hand of man has not been able to touch his heart; it cannot reach there. Society can not move beyond the head; only God can reach your heart. The man who gives up his head, his ego, his thoughts, is drenched by the shower from the clouds of Love. The soul is drenched and the jungle becomes green.

When you say “I want to be liberated”, it is the “I”, the ego, that desires liberation. Then your liberation becomes just an extension of your ego. In this instance you want to save your “I”. You call this “my” liberation. But bear in mind there is only one kind of liberation, and that is liberation from “I”, liberation from the ego itself. There can not be such a thing as “my” liberation. How can “I” be liberated? “I” can never be free. There is no liberating “I” there is only liberation from “I”.

RasTafari say that One Love is I and I. I and I is when there are no more walls. When you break your own borders. This is where RasTafari touches Eastern spirituality. The words you have read above, were written by Osho, a wise man from India. Indian religion touches Caribbean religion. Zen meditation touches Rasta reasoning. Because there is only one truth to be experienced.

There are many ways to find what you have lost. If you follow one of them, it will lead you to One Love. Never stop looking to see whether or not your heart has become filled with Love yet.

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