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Rhyming as I'm coming to the top
With my backpack of rhymes I won't stop
Every lyric flying high like a dove
As the Lord sprinkles His love
On me. His assigned destiny
Teaching, preaching, c'mon question me
I have the answer to the master plan
If you can't - then I can

1.2.05 08:21

"In Tahiti ist es 11 Std. frueher als in Wien, d.h. 23 Std. frueher als hier: diese 23 Std. kommen aber beim Rueckflug wieder dazu, ich erlebe also den 1. Februar zweimal."

Ich will auch nach Tahiti! Ey, Inselm?dchen, kommst du mit?
1.2.05 12:08

Elder's Meditation of the Day February 4, 2005

"We say there is a right time and place for
everything.It's easy to say, but hard to understand.
You have to live it to understand it."
--Rolling Thunder, CHEROKEE

The Elders tell us there is a right time and a right
place. Don't plant seeds in the fall- wrong time. One
way we find out about the right time and right place
is our experience. If we are lucky, we have a few
friends who will share their experience; this will
help us too. The best way is to let God guide us. Only
He knows the right time and the right place. So we
need to pray and ask Him for guidance.

Great Spirit, show me patience so I can live in the
right time and right place.

Msit N?kmaq/All My Relations,
We say a right time and right place? How can there be
if we do not wish to give things a chance? Mans
impatience is is truely astounding. You do not believe
it? Try standing in a busy store and watch people, It
is like a lottery when a cash register opens
up.Everyone shuffles to see who gets there first. How
can we have a right time and right place if we are
always in such a hurry to not take time to remain in
one place for very long?

Gitsch Manito-Creator,W?s?q-Spiritworld,
Please take my impatience away and help me to come to
a better understanding of smelling the roses.

8.2.05 14:46

meine augen tun weh einer meditiert in indien auf einem berg in seinem zentrum w?hrend ein anderer einen flieger woanders besteigt dann fahren diese lieben leute weiter rum um den globus

und ich denke an wundersch?ne sanfte flirts am meer und in den heissen st?dten, unter palmen, in caf?s, auf m?rkten und auf den strassen wenn es regnet

w?hrend der vollmond scheint
9.2.05 04:29

auf wunsch von elcommandante hier ein weiterer eintrag.. ja manchmal bin ich halt nicht so drauf was zu schreiben.. w?sste auch nicht was es zu sagen g?be.. manchmal - - ...das folgende gedicht hab ich vor einigen jahren auf meine wohnungst?r gepinselt. kommt von soner hacker site.

we work in the dark
we do what we can
we give what we have

our doubt is our passion
and our passion is our task
the rest is the madness of art

16.2.05 20:27

Elder's Meditation of the Day February 14, 2005

"Sometimes, life is very simple, but it is we two-leggeds, we who are thought to be smart that make it complicated."
--Larry P. Aitkin, CHIPPEWA

Sometimes it may take years for us to find out what we are really after-it is to be happy. The Elders say, lead a simple life. This doesn't necessarily mean poor, it means simple. There are some things that makes life complicated such as needing control, needing power or being resentful or angry. These things make complications happen. We need to walk in balance in every area of our lives.

Great Spirit, let me lead a simple life.

Msit N?kmaq/All My Relations,
If we live our day with keeping it simple,then we have less stress and it helps us to not complicate things by wanting a drink,a drug or food to escape.

Gitsch Manito-Creator,W?s?q-Spiritworld,
Thank you for showing me the simple things. Please help me to not complicate things by my thinking.

17.2.05 04:41

ich weiss nicht warum aber ich bin gut drauf...

vielleicht kann ich mir entfernt vorstellen warum

aber es ist ein geheimnis lol..
20.2.05 04:30

wenn man in einen fluss springt
muss man gegen den strom schwimmen
um zur quelle zu kommen?
oder sollte man garnicht springen?

sehr sensibel. vorsichtig sein. zuh?ren. ?ffnen. horizont. weite. bl?hen. stille n?he.


wusstest du, da? ich schrecklich ungeduldig bin? ja, ich versuche es nicht zu sein. doch meine seele ist wild, wie ein dschungel.

horch genau hin...
20.2.05 19:08

irgendwer hat paris hiltons mobiles telephonbuch gehackt und im internet ver?ffentlicht.

wer schon immer eminem, die neptunes, fred durst, christina aguilera, stephen king (?!! was hat der mit paris hilton... ich werd mal per email anfragen), vin diesel, usher, avril lavigne (jaja, lol), zur abwechslung anna kournikova, ein paar models oder eine reihe weiterer celebrities und influential people im showbiz sprechen wollte hat nun seine chance. ein mysteri?ser "egplant dike ass" ist auch dabei, wer das wohl sein soll, naja..

allerdings ist ger?chten zufolge auch schon der secret service dran, wer also das interessante b?chlein im netz findet, sollte es nicht unbedingt verbreiten.
21.2.05 06:16

"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side." (Hunter S. Thompson)

Rest in Peace.
21.2.05 10:07

Elder's Meditation of the Day February 18, 2005

"Laughter is a necessity in life that does not cost much, and the Old Ones say that one of the greatest healing powers in our life is the ability to laugh."
--Larry P. Aitken, CHIPPEWA

Laughter is a good stress eliminator. Laughter causes healing powers to be distributed through our bodies. Laughter helps heal relationships that are having problems. Laughter can change other people. Laughter can heal the sick. Laughter is spiritual. One of the greatest gifts among Indian people has been our ability to laugh. Humor is natural to Indian people.
Sometimes the only thing left to do is laugh.

Great Spirit, allow me to laugh when times get tough.

Msit N?kmaq/All My Relations,
When we laugh we are releasing things that would otherwise make us ill. It is a way to get rid of toxic stress on our bodies. Don't you feel so good after a good laugh? The body tingles at times and this is helping the circulation pathways. So who says Laughter is not good mecicine for the heart? Sadness and stress kills!

Gitsch Manito-Creator,W?s?q-Spiritworld,
Thank you for showwing me I can laugh at things in order to come to terms with them. Thank you for the Sacred Clowns.

21.2.05 21:25

Elder's Meditation of the Day February 22, 2005

"In the Indian way, we are connected to that flower if we understand its spirit, the essence of its life."
--Larry P. Aitken, CHIPPEWA

Everything on our Earth is alive. Every rock, every plant, every animal, every tree, every bird, every thought is alive. This is true because everything is made by the Great Spirit and the Great Spirit is alive. We need to slow our lives down each day and realize, consciously, that this is true. First we need to realize it, second, we need to acknowledge it, third, we need to appreciate it and, finally, we need to go on.

Great Spirit, let me see life through Your eyes. Today let me be alive.

Msit N?kmaq/All My Relations,
We need to stop saying things unless we really mean it. To tell a person something then recant it is the same as lying. So where is our connection when we do not speak the truth?

Gitsch Manito-Creator,W?s?q-Spiritworld,
Please help me to remain strong and to keep my word in all that I speak. Please help me to remain honorable to my vows and committments.

23.2.05 04:32

day after day
love turns grey
like the skin of a dying man

night after night
we pretend it ?s alright
but i have grown older
and you have grown colder
and nothing is very much
fun anymore

and i can feel
one of my turns coming on
i feel cold as a razor blade
tight as a tournicade
dry as a funeral drum

RUN to the bedroom in the suitcase on the left
you ?ll find my favourite axe
don ?t look so frightened this is just a passing phase
one of my bad days
would you like to watch t.v.
or get between the sheets
or contemplate a silent freeway
would you like something to eat?
would you like to learn to fly
would you like to see me try

(Roger Waters, The Wall)
23.2.05 06:35

ich habe das meer gesehen, meine lippen wurden salzig von der gischt. und ich habe begriffen, dass ich mehr will. mehr gischt, mehr salz. mehr wilden sturm in meinen haaren. ich will es rauschen h?ren, schlagen, stark und unb?ndig. ich will, dass wellen mich zu ihresgleichen machen. ich will wei? sch?umend gegen deine felsen schlagen, sie waschen, weiter in dich dringen.. langsam. mein salz soll auf dir trocknen, bis wir eins sind, irgendwann.
27.2.05 19:02

ich schaute grad in den spiegel und meine blauen augen haben in dem teil der blau ist also nicht den pupillen sondern dem blauen drumrum.. da ist ein schwarzer strich drin

in beiden augen, ein schmaler schwarzer strich von der mitte nach aussen
28.2.05 23:31

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